Wordle Today #383 Hint And Answer — Thursday July 7th

Once upon a time a game called Wordle came to be.

The game was simple, fun and quick and better yet ad-free.

Every day you’d guess a word in six guesses or less.

It was a puzzler’s delight to put your vocab to the test.

The game was sold for seven-figures to the New York Times,

Which carried on the guessing game like I’m carrying on these rhymes.

And though the game has lost some oomph since its peak in February,

We keep playing every day because it makes us merry.

And with all that said and rhymed and time still ticking by,

Let’s take a look at today’s word of the day and give it one last try.


Today’s Wordle #383 Hint & Answer

As per usual, I must warn you of spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Today’s hint: Meaning both ‘wide open’ and a special kind of love.

And today’s Wordle answer is . . .

I feel pretty good about this sequence of guesses.

I’m not sure how mange popped into my head. Maybe I was just feeling a bit mangy when I woke up this morning, hair in utter disarray, beard sticking out to the four winds. Mangy beast.

Whatever the case, it gave me three letters. Two in yellow and the ‘E’ in green. According to Wordle Bot this lowered my possible solutions to just 15, though normally mange only gets you down to 147. Lucky!

I toyed around with some options before settling on agile for my second guess. Maybe it’s all the D&D and video games, but agility is a fairly common word in my day-to-day life even if I, myself, am not particularly agile.

Once I had all three letters in green the first word I thought of was agape, though I was thinking of it in terms of one’s jaw dropping wide at the site of some beautiful (or terrifying) site. The other definitionpronounced rather differentlyrefers to God’s love, a love that is distinct from romantic love (eros) or platonic love (philia).

The other two possible solutions there at the end that would have been wrong were agate and agree, neither of which I thought of until I checked out my Wordle Bot analysis.

Much love, dearest Wordlers. Enjoy your Thursday! The weekend approaches!

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