Wordle Today #384 Hint And Answer — Friday July 8th

Well it’s Friday (again) and that means we are mere hours from a much-deserved weekend. This has been a pretty good week.

We went to Thor: Love And Thunder last night, so look for my review of that today on my blog. As my post-COVID fog decreases, I’ve found new energy and motivation to write, hit the gym and get outside. All good things.

We’ve also had some solid Wordle words these days, with some pretty confounding ones like Wednesday’s triple-letter monster of a word.

Today’s is tricky, too. Let’s take a look!

Today’s Wordle Hint & Answer

A spoiler a day keeps the doctor away. Keep on keeping those doctors away, people. You’ve been warned.

Today’s hint: A useful thing to have when you want to make yourself heard.

And the answer is . . . .

This is actually a pretty tough word and I got enormously lucky with my first guess, which gave me the ‘OI’ in green and eliminated some important letters.

Why did I choose boink you ask? Honestly, it just popped into my head and I thought it would be funny if Wordle accepted it! (Crane would have gotten me the ‘E’ in green, which also would have been good, but the ‘C’ would have been in yellow so I think boink was better than the best starting word today).

My second guess, foist (because it’s better than moist!) was also helpful simply because it eliminated ‘S’ and ‘T’ which can be found in other ‘OI’ words like poise, moist, joist and so forth.

At this point I was stumped. According to Wordle Bot I had just two possible solutions now (down from 7 after my first guess). I, of course, didn’t know this at the time. When I came up with voila it was kind of perfect because it’s a great word to say when you come up with a good idea. Voila! Alas, it was incorrect, but getting the ‘V’ in green quickly lead me to the correct answer: Voice.

Make your voices heard, dearest Wordlers. Rage against the dying of the night and all that jazz.

Oh, and have a lovely Friday. See you this weekend!

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