Wordle Today #388 Hint And Answer: Tuesday, July 12th

A Wordle a day keeps the doctor away (they say) and a Wordle a night makes you feel lively and bright.

A Wordle at daybreak can alleviate heartache and a Wordle at sundown can turn that frown upside-down or if you’re a monarch even polish your crown!

A Wordle at lunch while you munch can be swell and a Wordle at dinner’s a winner as well (though it’s Wordles at breakfast that worry me, Shel, though quite as badly as midnight snacks sadly, yes those worry me madly but oh well what he hell).

Try Wordle for tea or guess one with me or play Wordle up high on the branch of a tree. Or even play Wordle while bouncing children on your knee. Don’t worry the cost of admission is free!

Guess Wordle’s top hurdles with Yertle the Turtle who was king of everything he could see.

Play Wordle with the family over green eggs and hamly (but not with green milk because I’m sure that it’s curdled) and perhaps now children we’ve Wordled enough for one day.

We’ll put the game back with the cat in his hat and now that we’re done I think it’d be fun to come right out and say:


How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a pretty straightforward game. First, head to the game’s homepage at the New York Times (it’s not an app on the App Store or Google Play, though there are many imitators).

Wordle is free-to-play and only has minimalistic ads for the NYTs other games, most of which sit behind the paywall but are well worth your money if you enjoy puzzles.

You’ll find six rows of five boxes. These represent your six guesses. Type in a word and hit ‘Enter’ and any correct letters you get will show up in colored boxes: Green if it’s in the right spot, yellow if it’s in the wrong spot. If a box is grey that means the letter is not in the solution. Through process of elimination, determine the answer by the sixth guess.

Today’s Wordle #388 Hint & Answer

A spoiler in the dell! A spoiler in the dell! Hi-ho-a-dario a spoiler in the dell!

You and the farmer and his wife and all the pigs and chickens in the entire damn farm have been warned.

First, a hint: This happens every 24 hours but not every day. What is it?

And the answer is . . .

Credit: Erik

I guessed Great on this one because I’m watching Season 2 of The Great which is a hilarious—if historically deeply innacurate—retelling of Catherine the Great’s rise to power in Russia. Check it out on Hulu, though be warned it’s a little risqué.

From here I think I was doing some bank or credit card thing where I had to enter my “three-digit security code” and “5-digit area code” and the word was just in there, kicking around like a lopped off finger or toe and I had ‘G’ and ‘T’ already. It made sense, even if wasn’t super wise not to guess another vowel. I was fortunate enough to line up some letters, though.

Now, with three letters in green I had some choices. I could choose might or sight or fight…but I figured night might be right and just went with it. As Wordle Bot reminded me after, this was both a smart but also a lucky guess. Indeed.

Be well, dearest Wordlers! Remember: Love conquers all…or something.

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