YouTube star Austin McBroom has cringe face-off with “little Gib” ahead of boxing return

YouTube star Austin McBroom brought a dwarf on stage to mimic and mock his opponent AnEsonGib ahead of the pair’s boxing match this month.

McBroom is two inches taller than his opponent Gib, and joked by bringing out “little Gib” to make fun of the 5’9″ fighter, who couldn’t make it to their launch press conference due to it being arranged on short notice. Fans were left cringing as McBroom held a face-off with “little Gib” in Los Angeles, with the real ‘Gib’ watching via zoom from a screen above the stage.

The pair fired off trash talk at one another over satellite, with the Brit, whose real name is Ali Al-Fakhri appearing from his training camp. McBroom then finished the show off with an appearance from “little Gib”, with whom he stared down after a relatively uneventful press conference.

After the face-off, Gib was outraged, with McBroom claiming “he got upset on that one,” and promising that he meant no offence to dwarves. “I can’t wait to embarrass you, man,” Gib replied to the whole ordeal. “I’m going to destroy you July 30, you’re going to get it. You haven’t trained hard enough and I’m going to destroy you.

“Social Gloves is a shambles, once I beat you, I leave, I’m never coming over here to fight ever again. I’ll beat you up and then I’ll leave – I’m smoking this guy, he’s going to get it.”

“I feel like this fight was long overdue, which is why the promotion is called ‘No More talk’,” McBroom said earlier in the event. “We’ve been chatting back and forth for what’s now going on a year.

“But to be honest, he’s just someone who’s in my way. I feel like I’m giving him the opportunity, I really wanted KSI, he’s going to come back and fight Alex Wassabi which is good for him, but Gib is just in my way and I’m going to show that July 30.”

Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom held a face-off with “little Gib”
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Who do you think will win; AnEsonGib or Austin McBroom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Gib insists that he has no interest in fighting on McBroom’s Social Gloves event, and is only doing it to get a shot at the American. He believes that the show has been poorly run since his appearance on last year’s outing, and wants to punish his rival for what he deems to be bad event management.

“We’re about 18 days away from the fight,” Gib explained. “And I’m here to take out the CEO of Social Gloves. Once that’s done, I’m bouncing, I’m out.

“This is my fifth camp right now, so when it comes to July 30, I’m going to show my experience, I’m going to show my fight IQ. I’m not Bryce Hall [McBroom’s last opponent], I’m not some 160lb guy; I’m big. I’m going to show my ring experience and he’s going to know that July 30.”

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