YouTube star Deji planning to “steal things” from Floyd Mayweather during fight

YouTube star Deji is planning to use his exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather to “steal things”, and use his new skills when he returns to influencer boxing.

The social media sensation landed his first win in the ring at the fourth time of asking in August when he stopped Yusef ‘Fousey’ Erakat in London, and is set for an unthinkable step up against boxing icon Mayweather next month. The pair will do battle in an eight-round clash which won’t appear on either of their records.

However, the general consensus is that Deji will struggle to land a significant punch on Mayweather, who has been enjoying a retirement world tour of exhibitions since his final fight in 2017. His coach Daley Perales has indicated they plan to use the bout as a learning experience, and on a recent True Geordie podcast appearance Deji explained what he wants to take from it.

“I’m going to go in there and I’ve got nothing but confidence to gain really because I’ll have been in there with Floyd,” he said. “I’ll see someone else and be like ‘I’ve fought the best in the world, what can you do?’ Essentially, I’m treating it like I’m going to try and steal some things from Floyd. When I’m fighting him, I’m going to try and steal some tech from him.”

Deji has also insisted he is coming to the Coca-Cola Arena to fight, and won’t be overawed by stepping in the ring with a 50-0 legend such as Mayweather. He is working with his team that includes renowned personal trainer Leon Wills as well as Perales on a game plan to win the bout, which would need to happen within the distance in order to count.

Deji and his coach Daley Perales are working on a plan to stop Floyd Mayweather

Deji and his coach Daley Perales are working on a plan to stop Floyd Mayweather
O2 Arena, London / Instagram)

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“I’ve seen his exhibitions, like a handful of fights,” he added. “I’m going for the kill, obviously I’m going to show my respects and everything, but I’m coming there to fight. I’m not going there to survive, I’m going there to do my best because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I’m never going to get this again and realistically, there’s no loss on my side. I get beaten up, I got in there which is already in itself a victory. So if I do well it’s a win, this whole thing is win-win, realistically there’s no loss, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

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