YouTube star Logan Paul explains why he signed multi-match contract with WWE

YouTube star Logan Paul enjoyed his debut so much that he decided to sign on the dotted line with the WWE.

Paul has tried his hand at a number of combat sports since bursting onto the scene with his brother Jake, sharing the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather in a high-profile event last year. This came just months after touching gloves with content creator rival KSI in two prior clashes, before recently moving into WWE where he competed at Wrestlemania 38.

Fans were impressed with Paul’s performance after he defeated father and son combination Rey and Dominik Mysterio in a tag-team duel alongside The Miz. However Paul has vowed to return to the organisation’s SummerSlam event to avenge his partner’s eventual betrayal. “There’s a trifecta that I look for that decides what I do, and I say this with privilege, because I can do this now, because of years, decades of hard work that I’ve put in,” Paul said when explaining the move on his Impaulsive podcast.

“But when I can mix passion, business, and media, all into one thing, I am like ultimate me, happy place. “All my friends had fun, we were all just smiling like, ‘Yeah, that was awesome’. I am looking at the clips and I can’t believe that was me, that was big jumps that I was doing there … It’s a show, it’s a great performance and entertainment, so I am excited for this journey.

“WWE is a good opportunity for me to leverage one of the biggest brands in the world, should I show up, should I work hard, go do the performances, impress the fans and just become that WWE character that is either notorious or loved. I am coming for The Miz at SummerSlam. I take this very seriously, and I will slam him hard.”

Paul is not short of experience in the WWE having also competed on the company’s weekly show Smackdown and has built a reputation as a villain with fans. An announcement of his return was booed by the fans in the arena, as The Miz revealed his initial plan to compete alongside Paul again.

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Logan Paul impressed on his WWE debut

Logan Paul impressed on his WWE debut
WWE broadcast)

Despite having made a superb impression on fans at Wrestlemania 38, Paul claimed he had only trained two days prior to his big debut. However he has since posted images of himself taking part in wrestling training, which were used by The Miz to announce his return to the sport.

It remains unclear how any potential career in the WWE could impact his plans to compete in the boxing ring again, with Paul intending to make a return to the squared circle. Paul previously claimed he would continue with his idea to face Brazillian YouTuber Whindersson after agreeing to face the star on social media. He even claimed to have been offered a rematch with boxing legend Mayweather, but it is unlikely he will accept a second meeting.

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